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Sauna Europe

Sauna Europe
The nearest Moscow subway station: Ugo-Zapadnaya , Yasenevo , Podmoskovie

Phone: 8(495)255-02-51, 8(985)163-62-62

Price: 500 rub/hour (1$ = 30 rub)

Capacity of sauna: 50 people

Sauna type: russian banya, turkish hammam

Kitchen: east, home, on draft beer

Service: banquet common-room

Facilities: bathhouse attendant


Welcome to Sauna Europe! We are pleased to greet you. For your rest and leisure is prepared comfortable place. Our sauna is located near the "Ugo-Zapadnaya" subway station. We will pleased your visit anytime day. Before your visit call up 8(495)255-02-51, 8(985)163-62-62 to our manager.
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Dosug and sauna in Moscow

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