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Sauna na Krasnoselskoy

Sauna na Krasnoselskoy
The nearest Moscow subway station: Krasnoselskaya , Baumanskaya , Komsomolskaya

Phone: 8(499)261-88-32, 8(499)713-13-61, 8(964)551-19-30

Price: от 1200 rub/hour (1$ = 30 rub)

Capacity of sauna: 10 people

Sauna type: russian banya, finland

Kitchen: home, on draft beer

Service: DVD, home movie-theatre, satellite TV, karaoke, banquet common-room, drawing room, tearoom ceremony

Facilities: besoms, massage, bathhouse attendant


Welcome to Sauna na Krasnoselskoy! We are pleased to greet you. For your rest and leisure is prepared comfortable place. Our sauna is located near the "Krasnoselskaya" subway station. We will pleased your visit anytime day. Before your visit call up 8(499)261-88-32, 8(499)713-13-61, 8(964)551-19-30 to our manager.
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Dosug and sauna in Moscow

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